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Hello my name is Mrs Grime and I am the Transition coordinator at Ellesmere Park High School.

 As a Transition Coordinator the smooth transition of the pupils from primary school is very important to me, the move to High School presents a whole set of new challenges and can feel a little bit daunting and exciting at the same time. We are very dedicated to supporting students and parents/carers with the move from Primary to Secondary School, we have an excellent pastoral system of care at EPHS which allows us to get to know and support you very well.

Visitors often comment on the friendliness, politeness and the smart appearance of our pupils, and the good relationships which is evident between adults and young people.

 We work very closely with the local primary schools and we also ensure visits are made to pupils transferring from all primary schools outside of our catchment, in preparation for the move to Ellesmere Park.

Every student is given a transition work-booklet which is used to address issues that concern most children about the move, this can be worked through within the primary school, at home or with the transition coordinator on the primary visits.

All students also have the opportunity to spend three days at Ellesmere Park at the beginning of July, these taster days offer a real taste of high school life, with pupils experiencing high school lessons, routines and lunchtime for the first time.

Some pupils take advantage of additional visits to Ellesmere Park and an opportunity to meet some of the staff they may be working with when they arrive. All parents/carers are invited to a Welcome evening where they can familiarise themselves with the surroundings, this usually takes place at the beginning of July.

This is an extremely important time in the lives of your children and we understand that this move can be a little daunting or stressful.

It is important to us that your children feel ready for this transition and we want them to be prepared so they are able to settle well into Ellesmere Park life and quickly become used to their new routines.

I hope you are preparing for the exciting time ahead for you and your children in the transition from Primary to Ellesmere High School.

Below are links to some useful website to give you advice and guidance about the transition process.



I look forward to meeting and supporting you.

Mrs Grime