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Ellesmere Park High

Consilium Academies

The Trust now has 8 Secondary Academies across 3 hubs in the North of England

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Meet the Pastoral Team

Meet the Team

Acting Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral): Mr D Gregory
Assistant Headteacher: Behaviour and Attitudes: Miss V O'Farrell
Assistant Headteacher: Pupil Development and Well-being: Miss K Barratt

Head of Year 7: Mrs D Grime
Head of Year 8: Mr D Aspinall
Head of Year 9: Miss C Mackenzie
Head of Year 10: Mr H Brophy
Head of Year 11: Mrs L Kavanagh

Family Support Worker: Mrs S Calderwood
Student Support/Attendance Officer: Mrs J Howard


Form Tutors

If you would like to contact your child’s Head of Year or Form Tutor you can do this by contacting the school office or emailing ephs@salford.gov.uk

Year 7

7A- Miss Middleton 7B- Mr O’Neill 7C- Miss Hiles 7D- Mr Simbanegavi 7E- Mr Cotton 7F- Mrs Greensmith & Miss Arshad

Year 8
8A- Miss Fudge 8B- Miss Barker & Miss Arshad 8C- Mr Sykes 8D- Mrs Aribisala 8E- Mr Connolly 8F- Miss Flanagan

Year 9
9A- Mrs Lloyd 9B- Miss Keenaghan 9C- Miss Fell 9D- Mr Graham 9E- Mr Leang 9F- Mrs Starr

Year 10
10A- Mr Gordon 10B- Mr Small 10C- Mrs Campbell & Mr Motler 10D- Mrs Leadbetter 10E- Mr Davies 10F- Mr Pirbhai

Year 11

 11A- Mrs Coldwell 11B- Mr Khan 11C- Miss Taylor 11D- Miss Connor 11E- Miss Waltham 11F- Miss Connolly 11G- Mrs Baqutai