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The Trust now has 8 Secondary Academies across 3 hubs in the North of England

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To deliver a bespoke curriculum which is personalised to all pupils and which links to real world applications in an engaging, enthusing and creative way.

The curriculum is also designed to develop literacy skills and mathematical skills as well as scientific skills and problem solving skills and to embed these skills for life.
Time is spent studying in more depth on project based and open ended tasks designed to engage and enthuse pupils as well as using a variety of other teaching methods and styles. Learners are provided with opportunities inside and outside of lessons to appreciate Science and see how it links to other subject areas and daily life. It delivers an experience, which connects with other subjects such as Maths, English, Geography, Technology and History.

We pride ourselves on our opportunities to develop STEM skills and knowledge and encompass these into lessons as well as through our STEM club and bespoke events which we have designed. A balance of all 3 Science disciplines is delivered to give pupils a broad understanding of the various aspects and concepts Science has to offer.

Our vision is always to enthuse children about the subject we all have a passion for and to foster that same passion in the young people we work with; to develop life long learners who are curious about the world around them.

At Key Stage 3 learners explore the topics of;

Year 7 Topics

  • Introduction to Science
  • Cells
  • Forces
  • States and separating mixtures
  • Nutrition
  • Waves
  • Atoms
  • Periodic Table
  • Space

Year 8 Topics

  • Ecosystems
  • Energy
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Genetics
  • Electricity and Electromagnetism
  • Particles
  • Photosynthesis
  • Respiration
  • Materials and the Earth

All learners study for at least two Science GCSEs at Key Stage 4. They either follow the EDEXCEL Combined Science pathway or for some pupils there is also the opportunity to undertake three GCSEs in Science following the EDEXCEL Separate Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics pathways.



Design and Technology at Ellesmere Park High School is divided in to two areas; Food & Nutrition and Product Design.

This is delivered though a termly rotation system with pupils experiencing a range of projects in these areas.

Throughout all projects a range of key skills are taught and revisited. These include research and analysis, specification, idea generation and development, 3d prototyping and evaluation. The design process is delivered in a linear way in year 7 and then evolves to a more focused approach as the key stage develops.

Where ever possible different contexts, cultures and demographic groups are incorporated into various design briefs with the aim of encouraging students to solve relevant problems for consumers other than themselves.

As students’ progress, they encounter different material areas and experience a variety of making and manufacturing techniques. These increase in complexity and challenge and ensure the more traditional but valuable skills of measuring and marking out are given as much attention as the exciting and ever changing disciplines of computer aided design and manufacture. Due to the relatively limited amount of curriculum time spent in the subject a practical and hands on approach to learning is be adopted as often as is practicable.

A resilient, risk taking, independent and team working approach is encouraged in all lessons and students learning is assessed via a pathway system with a practical and skill based set of assessment criteria that clearly identifies the next learning steps.