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To report your child absent | 0161 789 4565

Why is good attendance and punctuality
at school so important?

We strive for 100% attendance:

At Ellesmere Park High School we take school attendance very seriously.

We encourage and support our pupils and their families to understand and appreciate how important a high standard of attendance is and how it can impact on exam results, which are the backbone for positive outcomes for a pupil’s future.

Our current attendance target is 95%, we expect all pupils to work towards maintaining this attendance figure and above. It is important for pupils and parents to understand that 90% attendance equates to a total of 4 weeks of absence over the year, or half a day per week. This will have a large impact on a child’s grades.


Registration begins at 8:55am.

We expect all pupils (unless there is a reason for absence such as a medical appointment or other extenuating circumstances) to be on time.

What are the benefits of being on time?

  • It gets your day off to a good start and puts you in a positive frame of mind, so that you can make the most of your learning opportunities;
  • Form time is very important. Lots of information about the school day is given out first thing in a morning and you may miss key information if you are late;
  • It sets positive patterns for the future. You can't expect to keep a job if you're always coming in late;
  • It leads to better achievement because you attend the WHOLE of all of your classes
  • It helps you develop a sense of responsibility for yourself and towards others and is a sign of good character;
  • It is respectful to your teacher and to your peers and builds good habits for later in life when your employer pays you to be on time.

What happens if your child is late?

If your child is going to be late for school, where possible contact the school office on 0161 789 4565 and advise us of the reason for your child’s lateness.

If there is a justifiable reason for their lateness the office will make a note of it and will ensure that your child is not given a ‘late detention’ for that day. If your child has a medical appointment that will cause them to be late please let us know in advance by either calling the office or sending your child in with a note/appointment card so that we can mark it on our registers. For emergency appointments a phone call in the morning is much appreciated.

If your child is frequently late and there is no justifiable reason for their poor punctuality they will have to sign in at Student Services. Student Services is supervised by a member of the pastoral team from 8:55am-9:15am every morning. If your child is later than 9:15am they will be required to enter through the main reception and sign in.

Any student that is late in the morning will be expected to serve a 20 minute detention at lunchtime. Any students that do not turn up to detention on the day which they are late will be escorted by a member of staff the following day to ensure that they serve the detention. Any student who does not attend late detention more than will be carried over to the next day, but failure to attend will result in the pupil being secluded.
The Heads of Year closely monitor punctuality and parents/carers of any students who are late on a regular basis will be contacted and asked to come in for a meeting to discuss the effects of their child’s poor punctuality and work with parents/carers to try and improve it by putting appropriate interventions in place.

After the registers close any students that arrive after this time (without a legitimate reason) will be given a ‘U’ code on the registers. This is classed as an unauthorised absence. Please be aware that the school can apply to the Local Authority for a fixed penalty notice for any student that receives 10 or more ‘U’ codes for lateness. This may result in parents/carers receiving a fine of up to £120 per parent/per child.

Student absence from school

If your child is absent from school for any reason you must let us know as soon as possible on the first day of absence by calling 0161 789 4565. If we have not heard from you, we will send you a text to let you know your child is absent. You can text back to update us, giving us the reason why they are absent and to let us know when we can expect them back in school. This text is generally sent to you by 12pm every day and it is imperative that we have correct contact details so please let the school know of any changes.

Unless a specific time period of absence is given to us we will assume that your child will be returning to school the following day, it is therefore imperative that you call/text us every day that your child is absent as we cannot assume that if a child is ill one day that it is the case for the following day.

How we will communicate with you:

We will text, email or ring you if your child is absent and you have not told us why.

If we are concerned about your child’s attendance or punctuality, we will contact you by phone. The Family Support Worker may make a home visit if your child has regular days absent, identified as persistently absent or school have not been able to contact you that day.

If your child’s attendance drops below the school’s attendance target of 95% it is likely that you will receive a letter from your child’s Head of Year to say that they will be monitoring your child’s attendance for a set period (usually a term) and that any absences due to illness or injury will need to be evidenced by a doctor’s note or other kind of medical documentation (e.g. a prescription bottle or appointment card).

If your child has a pre-existing medical condition that may affect their attendance at school please contact your child’s Head of Year to ensure that we can support you with this in any way possible.

Medical and Dental Appointments

Where possible please arrange medical and dental appointments out of school hours.

If this is not possible, an appointment card/ parent's note must be shown to the school office before any pupil may leave the school premises. Where possible an appointment card or letter should be shown to the office in advance.

If it is an emergency appointment please contact the school on the day of the appointment to advise us of the time of the appointment and the arrangements for your child leaving the school premises.

*Please be aware that if we have not seen any evidence or received a phone call from a parent/carer regarding an appointment we will not allow a student to leave the premises.

Intervention strategies for improving attendance

95% and above – No intervention, keep it up!

Stage 1 (Usually 95% or below) - Letter sent home with registration certificate, this usually means your child will be monitored and any absence, without medical evidence, will be recorded as unauthorised. These letters are sent throughout the year.

Stage 2 (Usually 90% or below) – Parents will be invited into an Attendance Panel Meeting with a member of the pastoral team, usually the Family Support Worker and an Education Welfare Officer. This meeting will involve your child being under a 6 week review of their attendance. Pupils will be monitored in school by the Family Support Worker.

Stage 3 (Usually 85% or below) – If the previous intervention strategies have not improved your child’s attendance, Fast Track to Prosecution may be instigated by the Education Welfare Officer. This will involve a monitoring period for at least 12 weeks. Prosecution could include a fine of up to £2,500, a custodial sentence not exceeding 3 months, Community Service (for all parents with Parental responsibility).

*Please be aware that every child’s attendance is looked at on an individual basis by the pastoral team. For example, if your child suffers from a medical condition that may affect their attendance the intervention/support strategies put in place would differ from those above.

The Role of our Family Support Worker

As part of the school’s on-going efforts to help pupils reach their potential and benefit the most from their time in school a Family Support Worker (Miss Mather) has been appointed.

Her role is to ensure pupils are achieving their potential through attending school regularly and gaining the support required. Hopefully by working alongside parents to support their child we will ensure the best possible outcomes for each child.